Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Things that made my year #2 (July - December)

Yesterday we were looking back on January - June so now it's time for July - December. 

I had a reunion with my examclass on the secondary school
It came out that my dad had cancer.
I had a finalshow with the danceschool 

I organized a successful meeting in Leeuwarden

I dyed my hair purple

I went to meeting Arnhem

I celebrated the one year of friendship with my best friend Olivier

I organized meeting Leeuwarden together with my friend Agnetha

I went to the Dutch Youtube Gathering

I got 3 penpals and I'm still writing with them <3

I went to meeting Zwolle

I went to meeting Groningen

I was the winner of the give away by Laurence

I dyed my hair Black/White

Mitch Lucker, the singer of Suicide Silence died by accident

Merijn and I became in a relationship

I went to the Efteling with YO! Media again

I went to the Glamournight in Opende

I went to the V.I.P Night in Opende

I did a free hugs session in the city with Jessica

I did an amazing shoot with Eeuwe

I spend more than a week with my boyfriend Merijn, celebrated Christmas with him and his parents and New Years Eve with him and a friend

I dyed my hair green

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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  1. Jou jaar klinkt ook niet verkeerd, zo :) Hoe is het nu met je vader?