Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things that made my year #1 (January - June)

Happy new year everyone! 2012 passed by so fast and a lot of things happend. I met more than 500 people which is pretty awesome! In this post I'll look back at the months January - June.

This was the month I started to go to meetings. My first one was in Groningen, which I organized together with Lotte. I still have contact with most of them I met there.
I also had a modelcasting at the study Styling Design

And there was a fire at my neighbours house


Our former dancecrew Reload became first at the first round of the North Netherlands Championship, so we came in the newspaper!

I dyed my hair blue/pink but it didn't last that long *sad face*

I went to Mega Meeting Utrecht, where I met a lot of lovely people, who I will never forget.

I was the winner of the Give Away on Amber's blog

I turned 18 and gave a Bday Meeting in Apeldoorn

And Reload became 6th at the 2nd round of the North Netherlands Championship

I dyed my hair blue

I went to maxi Arnhem but I don't have any pics of that day
I finally got pierced but the first pic I made with the piercing was together with my ex and I had an emotional time with him, so I don't want to put that picture in here again.

And Reload became 4th at the 3rd ro

The clinic told me that I was healthy again and done with fighting with anorexia.

Reload became 3rd at the North Netherlands Championship

I went to the Efteling with YO Media!

I went to the concert of my favorite band Black Veil Brides

I went to meeting Zutphen

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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  1. Dat klinkt als een leuk jaar Floor! :D Je hebt echt veel meetings gehad, ik zou dat echt noooooit mogen, haha :')