Thursday, January 3, 2013

Personal update

Hi lovely peeps <3
My daddy came finally home from the hospital today after little more than 2 weeks. It goes well with him, as far it can be for now. The dark times still continue, cause the revalidation takes long. However it's better  than the past few weeks! :)

It also means it goes better with myself. At the clinic they said I looked better and more relaxed. I want to thank everyone for all the support, but especially my boyfriend and his family. I had a really good time at your place this holiday and I love you so really really much <3 And today Merijn and I are together for 2 months yay! <3

I just can feel it that I feel much better, because I start to plan things, clean my room and all that stuff. I actually think that this holiday is too short hahahah, I have to go to school again after the upcoming weekend and I don't want to hihi. But the concert of Asking Alexandria will be in 3 weeks WOOHOOOO <3

Winter has just started and I allready hate it, it's so difficult to take nice pictures in the darkness boohoo :( But I just had to take one so here is a picture with me and my lovely bear hihi <3

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless


  1. Wat fijn om te horen dat het al beter met je papa gaat! Hopelijk wordt het alleen maar beter. Goed ook dat het met jou beter gaat. Ik ga ook naar Asking Alexandria! Maar dan wel in Belgiƫ, haha. Schattige foto <3

  2. Mooi dat het weer iets beter met jou en je vader gaat! En hopelijk word het alleen maar beter en beter!