Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review: Danish Candy

Hi lovely peeps! <3
If you've seen my haul video a while ago, you know that I bought some Danish candy at Søstrene Grene. Two Fruit bars and 3 lollypops. Today I'm gonna review them for you. 

I bought 2 fruit bars, one with strawberry and one with apricot. They smell like raisins and they little taste like it too. But omg the taste was just DISCUSTING. I'm never gonna buy this again! But if you wanna try them, they cost €0,29 each

The last hope was for the lollipops in the taste; strawberry, coke & blueberry. 
Strawberry did smell like strawberry, but almost didn't have any taste. Without knowing it you shouldn't think it is strawberry. Coke had the smell and the taste like it, I really like this one! And last but not least, blueberry. It has a weird smell and I actually don't know how blueberry smells haha, but I like the taste of this lollypop! They cost €0,08 each.

If you want to visit Søstrene Grene, it's placed on Grote Markt in Groningen. It has a lot of awesome goodies and as you could see candy as well. It´s worth it to take a look!

Lots of love
Floor Flawless


  1. Het lijkt me erg lekker! :D Floor, hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Maak er een fijne dag van. :-)

    1. Ghehe, ik kan wel es wat voor je opsturen naar België :) Dankjewel! <3

  2. Floor i had top read this earlyer. I was on the grote markt in groningen yesterday i'll past them by i guess. I just hope you had a nice bday