Friday, August 31, 2012

Things that made my month

I went to Utrecht with my mother and made a haul video with the things I bought there 

I dyed my hair purple

BlackRose became my guestblogger & we are in a relationship since 11th of August :) 

BlackRose and I went to Meeting Arnhem and I made a little vlog

And at Meeting Arnhem Olivier and I celebrated our first year of friendship because the 16th August we knew each other one year so I made a video for him 

And I organized Meeting Leeuwarden together with Agnetha

How was your month?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose: Confidence

First I have to say that the surprise will be online next week. It will be something what will be up every first thursday of the month, so please stay tuned. But now something about confidence.

Even while sometimes it’s hard to face. Everyone sometimes has trouble with their confidence. Even the people who you wouldn’t suspect to have it. Even the biggest show off at school sometimes feels as big as his little toe.
It’s impossible somebody never isn’t confident of himself. The bullies hide it by bullying, the popular guys hide it by acting like they’re though, and the girls hide it under three kilos of make-up.
I don’t try to hide it, people just don’t notice it. And the worst thing about that, is that you’re on your own when you’re feeling down and have nobody to talk to.
However, because I had nobody, I helped myself to get my confidence back. And that gave me a lot of knowledge that you might be able to use to get yourself up when feeling down.

To start it off, try and let people notice you’re not feeling so well. Talking really helps. Knowing there’s somebody for you is one of the best things to feel when you’re down. It looks really simple, but it really helps. And even when it doesn’t help you all the way out of the canyon by just talking, you can always ask one of your friends to do something.

Which brings me to the second point. Do something fun, distract yourself. Whether it’s smoking with your friends (if you’re a smoker of course), or writing a story, a poem or a blog. Every distraction helps to forget your problems. But whatever you do, don’t do drugs to make the feeling go away. It will make them come back and even make them worse. Whatever you do, just don’t even touch that crap, it’s really the worst thing you could do when feeling down.

Something which really helped me out is finding something you’re good at. I used to do a lot of pixel art, it’s a great distraction and the more you improve, the better you’ll start to feel. You’ll be getting lots of compliments which can greatly help you out. And you might get something useful out of it!
From little drawings to singing, everything is possible! Every time you’re doing it you’ll improve. Even singing, because in every person hides a voice. Don’t be shy, if you get yourself a nickname, people won’t know it’s you, so if you start singing and it turns out to be not that good, nobody can haunt you with it, just make sure to not show your face ;) If one thing doesn’t work out, find another. Never give up! Everybody has a hidden talent.

Ok. The next thing might sound a little weird, but one of the things that can really help, is just telling yourself you’re a great guy. Just stand in front of the mirror, and talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend. It sounds really stupid, but do it when nobody is watching. Just talk the confidence into yourself. It might be a little disturbing at the start, but I promise, the more often you do it, the faster you’ll get profit from it.

And finally, never lose hope, because one day, everything will be alright. One day, you will have everything you want. Well, not everything, I can’t promise you’ll become rich, or famous. But you will have everything you need. It took me nearly four years without any help, I just hope these words can help you do it faster than me.

Good luck and let me know if this helped you out!

-Three Pixels of Hope-

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tag: Before I die

I've been tagged by Renate with the tag before I die. I have to pick 10 things from WeHeartIt what I want to do before I die.I'll explain every picture. I don't tag people this time because a lot of you did it already, but feel free to do this tag if haven't done it yet! Let's start!
This is something I would love to do! Anyhow I want to go to Norway. Some of you know that I can speak Norwegian almost fluently, so it would be great to meet my Norwegian 'friends' :)
This is something everyone dreams about I guess. I'm young but I still wonder when and how I will get proposed! I think it will be on a prefect moment haha, but we'll see!
And after the propose comes the perfect wedding ofcourse! I want to have a fairytale wedding with a beautiful dress, a lot of people and a coach with two horses. *dreaming*
I think I don't have to explain this one haha!
I'm busy to print all the pictures with friends and people I met to cover my wall.It gives me a warm feeling and it has an historyline so I love to do it! I'll show you when it's done :)
I'll need one for my study. I'm in my first year of Journalism & Photography. I did Styling Design last year but it didn't work out. After a few months I wasn't interested anymore. So this will be something new and I have to buy a prof. camera. 
I'm Aunt since I was 9 years old. My sister has 3 beautiful kids. Allthough they annoys me sometimes, I really love them! And I hope I will have my own when I'm older :) 
I hear so much about it and I follow some American Youtubers and they get really awesome stuff there. That's why I want to visit the mall in America!
I'm obsessed with clothes and I have some different closets at the moment. It would be easier if I have a walk-in closet with all my clothes in it. So I hope I can get it when I get my own house
And last but not least getting a tattoo! I want to have a little rainbow between my shoulderblades. It's a symbol for the people I've lost and for the people who are important for me nowadays.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pictures Meeting Leeuwarden #2 (photoshoot!)

This seccond part of the pictures from last Saturday are like a mini photoshoot and I really like them!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Video: Meeting Leeuwarden

As (mostly) always I made a video during the meeting. It's not a long video but fun. I hope you like it!
I'm still waiting for the other pictures so I hope I can show them soon. Have fun with watching the video!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pictures Meeting Leeuwarden #1

Yesterday was meeting Leeuwarden again. I saw two people I hadn't see for like 7 months. I was really happy to see them again!! And BlackRose came after his work :)
Here is the first part of the pictures.

Mirna, me, Mark & Eeuwe

Friday, August 24, 2012

Photography: Floor Flawless loves BlackRose

Yes I promissed to show you the pictures we made. And yes we are in relationship if you're still wondering haha! You peeps will see more of us and you can request stuff ofcourse :D I love you BlackRose <3

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose: Introducing myself

Hey guys! What’s up??

So in yesterday’s post, Floor revealed my identity, so let’s properly introduce myself :)
My name is Hidde, I’m 16 years old and I live in Leeuwarden, which is about 20 minutes away from Buitenpost, where Floor lives.
I’m in 5th grade of HAVO, which means I’ll have my exams this year… Whoop-dee-fucking-doo…

I like playing Minecraft, drawing, writing and being with my GF.. Yeah you guessed it, Floor.
If you would like me to draw you, just send me a picture and I’ll see when I have some time, and if you want to play Minecraft with me some time, just ask me :D
You can contact me by mailing to:
Please, do not add me to your MSN list, because I will not be accepting people I don’t know.

As you guys know as well, I do have my own blog. It’s about Slenderman and is partially based on real life. I’m not sure if I’ll be including Floor in it or not, but I am considering it, because of the comments on one of my posts.

So that’s pretty much all I can think of, if you have any questions, just ask me in the comments! And I will see you guys next week!...Wait… Next week is the 30th… Last Thursday of the month…. You guys will be in for a little surprise ;D

xoxo BlackRose

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I claimed BlackRose's shirt

Hi there! BlackRose and I spend the day together and it was awesome as always :)
I also claimed one of his shirts. It one from Cupcake Cult woohoo! I'll ever give it back haha.
We also made a video which will be online tomorrow and I'll show you the pictures of us so soon as possible. Here is a foto of me with the shirt c:

Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's Cook

My parents weren't home this afternoon so I had to make diner before they came home.
I actually don't like Dutch food that much, but I had no choice... :c I do eat it, but don't think YUMM..
Anyways I like to cook! Sometimes I try a new recipe because I like to have variation.

Should I make more posts about food? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the balcony in summer air (OUTFIT)

Waauw it's hot in the Netherlands (yeah that's little unique)
And it was the first time since weeks that I decided to wear something else than black! Woohoo :)
I'll show you pictures of my outfit but first some more blabla :D

You probable know that I was at my sister's place the last days and I had a good time there!!
Yesterday I went to my bby boy BlackRose and we had a lot of fun while trying to record the cover for my dad and making pics what failed :') I just love it really much to spend my time with him because the little beautiful things can make us happy! BlackRose I LOVE YOU!!!

But ok ok here is the outfit :) oh and no make-up because if I put it on I sweat it off with this weather haha!
What I like of the shorts btw is that there are little ice creams on it!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Amazing Youtubers

A while ago I found an amazing youtuber who makes covers but also released an own song! I just fell in love with his voice. I can listen to it over and over again. And I think a lot of girls think he's hot haha. The person I'm talking about is Tanner Patrick from the VS. Just listen to him and you will like him!

Here are my fav. covers from him

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose: LDR'S

Hey guys!
I’m writing this on the day you are reading my 1st blog, and I’m currently in the train home. Just broke up with my GF, I was supposed to stay until Saturday, but I pretty much knew we weren’t going to make it until then.
So I decided to do a blog about Long Distance Relationships, as I got 3 hours for it anyway until I’m home.
Believe me, no matter how hard you try, it won’t work out. Sunday would’ve been our 4 month anniversary, and it’s already broken. I think the main problem is you can’t see each other a lot and never can do some fun stuff together. Every time we were together, we just stayed at home and… Well you probably know what happened mostly. That was also a huge problem, because that’s not what a relation is about, no matter how many hormones are screaming through your body, it’s not an excuse. A relation should be about having fun together, caring for each other and just having a good time, not about fucking whenever you want.
Also a great factor what at least broke me and my ex up, was jealousy. As you guys have figured by now, me and Floor are great friends, but my GF instantly thinks I’m cheating on her. Most of my friends are girls because I can’t get along with most guys, but that’s also because of my bullying experiences in school. But every time I went to go hang out with a girl, she freaked out. She didn’t show it, but I could see it from her behavior. From my side that was a huge turn-off, and mostly what broke me and her apart. It just annoyed me like hell, I don’t freak out either when she and a guy are hanging out together and I don’t even want to know what happens when she gets drunk in a bar somewhere. Because I didn’t care and I trusted her.
Sure, I do call some of my friends beauty and cutie, but that doesn’t mean I’ve fallen in love with them?

All with all, I hope you guys don’t have the same experiences with LDR’s as me, because there might be some hope after all. But for me, I just can’t handle it. I can’t stand not knowing any of the people she hangs out with, or not knowing  the places she goes to.
Sure, if it’s like.. 20 minutes away, I can handle it. But 3 hours is just too much. You’re in a completely different environment  with different uses and dialect. I’d say the border is an hour of traveling… Because that’s where the real changes start to form. At least in The Netherlands that is.
And this blog is not to keep you away from LDR’s, I just want to share my experiences. Always follow your heart, no matter what other people think of it. That’s why I’ll say this as well.

Floor, I love you.

Xoxo BlackRose.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Today's Outfit & Make-up

It was really warm today so I decided to wear a dress.
Also did I want to have another eyelook than just black so I took a purple eyeshadow.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting Arnhem + Update of my dad

Hi there! Sorry for no post yesterday but I was in Arnhem for the whole day.
It was funny how much people I knew there haha! It was so nice to see everyone again en to meet new people <3 BUT one of the most special things was that I met our Afterinch sitemodel Lucas Infinity! :D
A short video will be up tomorrow, but I found out that someone took a picture of a small group I was walking with. Thank you Susan!

Anyways my daddy is fighting hard for his life at the moment. He can't eat normal things anymore, only soup and disgusting special drink. I was in panic this afternoon so I went to BlackRose and it was really helpful allthough it was for just 2 hours. We're busy to get my cover done. A cover which I want to record for my dad. It's because I can't to anything but support him. My mom said it was a great idea to make a cover for him because he's addicted to music (now you know where I have it from, but I have a better taste though haha XD) I will spend some days at my sister's home this week and hope the situation here will change. 

I hope you have a great evening and I love you peeps so fcking much <3   

Friday, August 10, 2012

Purple hair

As I said in the Haul Video I would get my hair purple. Well I really did get it that afternoon and ofcourse will I show you some pictures! Because I know you want to see it <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose

From now on BlackRose will write a post every Thursday on my blog.
He's very important to me so that's why I thought it was a great idea.
Enjoy his first post! 

Hey guys! What’s up!
My name is BlackRose, I’m 16 years old and live near Floor, and well.. She’s my soulmate <3
So basically what I will post are either fun stories I encountered, tips for life or just some shit I need to get off my mind.
Oh and you’ll find out who I am soon enough!!
 So today I will be talking about holiday friends, since all of us probably have been on holiday already.
Every year again, people get along with each other on holiday real good, the have fun, trust each other and sometimes even start a relationship. But how stable is that? I’ve had a lot of holiday friends by now and only contact with few of them, maybe 2 or 3. But what surprises me the most, is how easily everything from a holiday can change.
For instance, I myself just picked up contact with a friend of mine from last year again. She was always a bit alternative, kind of Emo mixed with Skater, like me. But in a year she became a completely different person, at least from the outside. I always wonder how people can change so fast. She’s pretty much just like the most popular girls right now.
But inside she’s still the same luckily, and we pretty much went on as if the contact never was broken and I will probably see her next Saturday at a meeting me and Floor will be going.
But I also lost contact with people I constantly hung around with last holiday. By the way, while writing this, another guy from last year contacted me! Maybe if I keep on writing they will all come back to me :D
So anyway. I’m having a bit of a hard time right now, so I’ll cut it here. Leave us a comment of a great friendship you started on holiday! And I’ll see you guys soon!

xoxo BlackRose

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Music: Nightmare

I went to Utrecht today, shopping with my mother. I will make a haul video tomorrow!
But here the song Nightmare from Avenged Sevenfold because I bought a shirt of that band today <3

Monday, August 6, 2012

Things that made my month

Time flies and we are already August so time to see which things made my month July.

I had a lunch with the people of pitstop. It was nice to see everyone again!

I had a reunion at my secondary school.

Our danceschool had a final show of the season
Foto: eindshow '12 was super!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Piercing Change

Yesterday I have changed my barbell for a ring and I really like it! I was missing it so that's why. I had to wear my barbell for a while because of the process of the skin. Now I'm happy again yaay! Anyways I have to wait little more time for my snakebite because of my dad and stuff but I hope my parents give me the permission soon. They know that I'm dreaming for it more than a year. 
Yep we love piercings and being random because YOLO <3
Oh and I bought that monster energy cap yesterday :D
Also a little Hello Kitty ring just for my Hello Kitty collection (another YOLO moment)