Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose

From now on BlackRose will write a post every Thursday on my blog.
He's very important to me so that's why I thought it was a great idea.
Enjoy his first post! 

Hey guys! What’s up!
My name is BlackRose, I’m 16 years old and live near Floor, and well.. She’s my soulmate <3
So basically what I will post are either fun stories I encountered, tips for life or just some shit I need to get off my mind.
Oh and you’ll find out who I am soon enough!!
 So today I will be talking about holiday friends, since all of us probably have been on holiday already.
Every year again, people get along with each other on holiday real good, the have fun, trust each other and sometimes even start a relationship. But how stable is that? I’ve had a lot of holiday friends by now and only contact with few of them, maybe 2 or 3. But what surprises me the most, is how easily everything from a holiday can change.
For instance, I myself just picked up contact with a friend of mine from last year again. She was always a bit alternative, kind of Emo mixed with Skater, like me. But in a year she became a completely different person, at least from the outside. I always wonder how people can change so fast. She’s pretty much just like the most popular girls right now.
But inside she’s still the same luckily, and we pretty much went on as if the contact never was broken and I will probably see her next Saturday at a meeting me and Floor will be going.
But I also lost contact with people I constantly hung around with last holiday. By the way, while writing this, another guy from last year contacted me! Maybe if I keep on writing they will all come back to me :D
So anyway. I’m having a bit of a hard time right now, so I’ll cut it here. Leave us a comment of a great friendship you started on holiday! And I’ll see you guys soon!

xoxo BlackRose

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