Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Busy life

School is really important for me.The last weeks we have so much to do!
The next period we'll have our internship. I have missed a lot of things at the seccond period of the year so my internship will start a little bit later. Anyways I try hard to get all the things done on time, but it's so much and we have pretty long days... I'm a perfectionist, so everything has to be perfect and most of time I'm not satisfied with the resulsts. All these things bring a lot of stress and that's why I'm sick really quick.
I will work hard to have good end results before the internship. I'm glad that I have my blog, because when I'm writing here, I can relax. Then I can think about things I like. It gives me rest. 
And I hope that you guys understand that when my post is kinda weird or small or so, that it means that I'm really busy and really tired ;)
Q: Do you have a lot of homework these day's?


  1. Op dit moment heb ik het nogal rustig. Er is eigenlijk werkweek, maar omdat ik vorig jaar al ben geweest, moet ik nu elke dag 4 uur op school niks zitten doen -,-'. Maar goed, ik geniet van mijn tijdelijke rust ;). Xx

  2. Wauw, wat goed dat je je zo inzet voor je opleiding. Kudos :)