Sunday, March 31, 2013

Video + Pictures Dutch Youtube Gathering

Hi lovely peeps! <3
If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you should've known that I was at the Dutch Youtube Gathering yesterday. It's a meet up for Dutch youtubers and their fans. The funny thing is, that almost every 'famous' youtuber actually recognized me from last year or twitter and that's so awesome! I had a really nice day with and met some new people. I've been interviewed 3 times and I'm in the teaser of the official video yay! And ofcourse did I record and made pictures! The pictures are made by Ineke so all the rights of the pics belongs to her.

Hit the read more button to see the pictures!

Alwin (yoursmokindog)

Larissa (KittehsCupcakes)

Milan (DitIsMilan)

Vera Camilla (VeraCamilla)

Serena (BeautyLab)

Bardo (BanjoMovies)

Rieke (Riekig)

Sanne (Schatteke)

Esther (esliek) && Lisa (FabuLies)

Teske (Teskuh)

Saske (ikbensaske)

I actually don't know him but it's a gamer haha!

Eric (Ericos)

Eelco, the organizer of DYTG (DeEelcoShow)

Samir (SamirHier)

Kelvin & Peter (cinebuddies)

Darcy (pradagirls)

Thomas (Theaumes)

David (DusDavid)

Insayno (MCinsayno)

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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