Friday, March 29, 2013

Personal Update

Hi lovely peeps! <3
Time for a little personal update again. This week I've had therapy again. It's finally clear that I have ADD. I've been trying out medicines since yesterday. They make me feel kinda weird, but that's normal. Besides that I'm trying to fight my depression and stay happy. It actually feels like the harder I try, the harder I fail. I feel like I'm over-emotional and it feels like I mess up everything. My friends say I don't, but I still have that feeling. It's difficult to explain, but that's because of another disorder I do have.
Anyways it's a big chaos in my room and in my head. I'm spending a lot of time with reading blogs, writing and listening music. I also try to clean my room and throw away shit that reminds me of the black pages in my past. I need to get over it and try to be happy, because a smile makes the day so much better! I'm doing the best I can and I hope to make my post with more positivity!

Speaking of my posts, last week I got a few anonymous comments about my English... I know my grammar sucks sometimes, but the most important thing is that people from foreign countries can understand me. I'm still learning and it's okay to make mistakes, because Dutch is my native language. I hope you guys won't get mad or something. I just like to write posts for you! :D Every view makes me smile and I read every single comment I get <3

Lots of Love,
Floor Flawless

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  1. What..? Nothing about us being back together? :P

  2. poor hidde ;) , i don``t read annything about it.
    but you are not the poin, the poin is Floor, and Floor is cute etc. no matter whut happens she always will be special for me <3.
    floor i don`t see anny Grammar faults in your blog, but i`m still learning english to so yeah. KEEP ON GOING GIRL!!!!!!!!