Thursday, February 7, 2013

Webshop: Joanne's Modeaccesoires

Hi lovely peeps! <3
A while ago I got a comment from Joanne, that she was in for collaboration. Joanne is the webmiss of Joanne's Modeaccesoires. She sells jewelry, scarfs and caps. I mailed her and I chose what I wanted to have. I have to say she is really really cheep! Everything is under €10. I ordered 3 things and got it in the mail yesterday. Let's see what I've got!

This is how I got it, in a small box. Super cute packaging!
I'm sorry for the bad quality of the picture :( I still have to buy a nikon or canon ;)

Here can you see the backside of the visitcard with a personal message. And so awesome that they have their own pen which look like a lipstick! 

Let's go to the stuff I ordered. I ordered 2 rings and 1 bracelet. 

The first ring is a big pink diamond bow. The ring is stretchy, so it fits with your finger easily. This one is really cute. Price: €6,95

The second one is a ring with studs, and if you know me then you know that I love studs! It has silver and gold ones and this ring is stretchy as well. Price: €6,95

The bracelet I ordered, is a leather bracelet with diamonds. It's a bit sad that this one is actually too big for me, so I'm gonna wear it over my gloves or around my ankle. Price: 4,50

In total it cost only €18,40! I'm so happy with these things! Ofcourse she has a lot more! Check it out on

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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