Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tag: Before I die

I've been tagged by Renate with the tag before I die. I have to pick 10 things from WeHeartIt what I want to do before I die.I'll explain every picture. I don't tag people this time because a lot of you did it already, but feel free to do this tag if haven't done it yet! Let's start!
This is something I would love to do! Anyhow I want to go to Norway. Some of you know that I can speak Norwegian almost fluently, so it would be great to meet my Norwegian 'friends' :)
This is something everyone dreams about I guess. I'm young but I still wonder when and how I will get proposed! I think it will be on a prefect moment haha, but we'll see!
And after the propose comes the perfect wedding ofcourse! I want to have a fairytale wedding with a beautiful dress, a lot of people and a coach with two horses. *dreaming*
I think I don't have to explain this one haha!
I'm busy to print all the pictures with friends and people I met to cover my wall.It gives me a warm feeling and it has an historyline so I love to do it! I'll show you when it's done :)
I'll need one for my study. I'm in my first year of Journalism & Photography. I did Styling Design last year but it didn't work out. After a few months I wasn't interested anymore. So this will be something new and I have to buy a prof. camera. 
I'm Aunt since I was 9 years old. My sister has 3 beautiful kids. Allthough they annoys me sometimes, I really love them! And I hope I will have my own when I'm older :) 
I hear so much about it and I follow some American Youtubers and they get really awesome stuff there. That's why I want to visit the mall in America!
I'm obsessed with clothes and I have some different closets at the moment. It would be easier if I have a walk-in closet with all my clothes in it. So I hope I can get it when I get my own house
And last but not least getting a tattoo! I want to have a little rainbow between my shoulderblades. It's a symbol for the people I've lost and for the people who are important for me nowadays.


  1. Superleuke tag, mooie dingen heb je op je to do lijstje staan :)
    Een tattoo staat momenteel bovenaan mijn lijstje, maar vooralsnog heb ik de moed nog niet weten te verzamelen. Ik ben best een watje namelijk.

  2. Leuke dingetjes heb je gekozen! En ik kan nog herinneren dat de regenboog iets te maken had met saskia ( zo heette ze toch? :P )


  3. Heel erg leuk om te zien. Die plaatjes zijn altijd zo leuk, ik zie ze nu veel op blogs. 'Own a nice camera', bij mij hoort die er zeker bij! x