Thursday, August 30, 2012

Guestblogger BlackRose: Confidence

First I have to say that the surprise will be online next week. It will be something what will be up every first thursday of the month, so please stay tuned. But now something about confidence.

Even while sometimes it’s hard to face. Everyone sometimes has trouble with their confidence. Even the people who you wouldn’t suspect to have it. Even the biggest show off at school sometimes feels as big as his little toe.
It’s impossible somebody never isn’t confident of himself. The bullies hide it by bullying, the popular guys hide it by acting like they’re though, and the girls hide it under three kilos of make-up.
I don’t try to hide it, people just don’t notice it. And the worst thing about that, is that you’re on your own when you’re feeling down and have nobody to talk to.
However, because I had nobody, I helped myself to get my confidence back. And that gave me a lot of knowledge that you might be able to use to get yourself up when feeling down.

To start it off, try and let people notice you’re not feeling so well. Talking really helps. Knowing there’s somebody for you is one of the best things to feel when you’re down. It looks really simple, but it really helps. And even when it doesn’t help you all the way out of the canyon by just talking, you can always ask one of your friends to do something.

Which brings me to the second point. Do something fun, distract yourself. Whether it’s smoking with your friends (if you’re a smoker of course), or writing a story, a poem or a blog. Every distraction helps to forget your problems. But whatever you do, don’t do drugs to make the feeling go away. It will make them come back and even make them worse. Whatever you do, just don’t even touch that crap, it’s really the worst thing you could do when feeling down.

Something which really helped me out is finding something you’re good at. I used to do a lot of pixel art, it’s a great distraction and the more you improve, the better you’ll start to feel. You’ll be getting lots of compliments which can greatly help you out. And you might get something useful out of it!
From little drawings to singing, everything is possible! Every time you’re doing it you’ll improve. Even singing, because in every person hides a voice. Don’t be shy, if you get yourself a nickname, people won’t know it’s you, so if you start singing and it turns out to be not that good, nobody can haunt you with it, just make sure to not show your face ;) If one thing doesn’t work out, find another. Never give up! Everybody has a hidden talent.

Ok. The next thing might sound a little weird, but one of the things that can really help, is just telling yourself you’re a great guy. Just stand in front of the mirror, and talk to yourself as if you were talking to a friend. It sounds really stupid, but do it when nobody is watching. Just talk the confidence into yourself. It might be a little disturbing at the start, but I promise, the more often you do it, the faster you’ll get profit from it.

And finally, never lose hope, because one day, everything will be alright. One day, you will have everything you want. Well, not everything, I can’t promise you’ll become rich, or famous. But you will have everything you need. It took me nearly four years without any help, I just hope these words can help you do it faster than me.

Good luck and let me know if this helped you out!

-Three Pixels of Hope-

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