Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a city girl (outfit)

Today I went to Groningen with my sister. We like to shop together hihi. I saw a girl of my streetdancecrew and also my ex Michiel. It was awesome to met them.
I had to choose something for my birthday, what my sister's children will give me. But I aslo bought something myself!

Little cap: So Low €2

I also had to buy a classic hot chocolate at Starbucks, because that's yummie! <3

Anyways her is what i wore and my make-up look

Little Cap: So Low
Scarfs: 2nd handshop
Shirt: New Yorker
Jewelery: ?
Skirt: from my cousin
Leggins: Action 
Hello Kitty Socks: H&M
Shoes: Action

In the evening will I post an extra post about Things that made my month, so stay tuned!
I hope you all had a great morning/afternoon and I wish you a good evening.


  1. Mooie ooglook! (:
    En dat hoedje is echt grappig, ik heb het ook zo eentje ooit opgezet in de winkel xD.


  2. hi, floor! i love your eye makeup! so pretty! :) your outfit looks great. i am really loving that skirt and socks.. :) hope you are having a fabulous day!

  3. Wat een leuke outfit, dat hoedje is echt adorable.