Tuesday, February 28, 2012


People change and that's a normal thing. I've really changed too. And I can say in a short time. People who know me for a long time, know that I've changed so much. Renate is one of my best friends and she will tell you something about her view at my changes. 

Renate: Floor and I are friends since a few years ago. I saw her growing up, not in length (haha) but mental. She had a lot of problems and she was so insecure. She told me one time that I helped her with her insecurity - yeah I'm a little bit proud of that - because she deserves to be happy. Since a half year she dares to be herself, she's so different than before - when I met her. She dares to follow her dreams and she don't care what other people says about her. When I think about that she said that I helped changing her, I can't understand. I'm also a really insecure girl and I don't think I gave her a example about how you have to be confident. So sometimes I see her like MY example. It's not that I don't dare to be myself but more like, she dares to color her hair in a weird, different, really cool color! And I won't dare.. She dares to have a different style, even people would tell her that it's weird or stupid. And I'm absolutely proud of her that she went to confront her anorexia, because I really understand how she feels. So I'm very proud of you Floortje! (: I think she is my bestfriend, because we always have a lot of fun and we can learn each other a lot!

Also my way of blogging has changed. At my old blog I wrote about my daily life and my thoughts. And I'm going to try to get back to that way, because nowadays I have my fast categories and that's not who I am! I think that when I write in my old way, that it's more awesome to read, because that you can feel what I write. I want to express myself again.

My lay-out and stuff will stay the same, but my post will be change a little. For you guys pretty exciting but also for myself! And sometimes I'm gonna post more than one post a day. So please stay tuned!


  1. Heel leuk om te lezen vooral dat je weer wat meer als vroeger gaat schrijven! <3


  2. Wat leuk om te lezen zeg. Goed dat je nu jezelf durft te zijn :)

  3. Leuk dat je je vriendin hebt gevraagd om iets over jou te schrijven!

    Ik heb een nieuwe blog, ik hoop dat je me weer gaat volgen, www.susanneke.blogspot.com

    Liefs Susanne

  4. Wat een goed artikel! En leuk dat je je beste vriendin hebt gevraagd om iets over je te schrijven :)