Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's Outfit

This evening I gonna visit a clothing exchange together with my sister. It's long ago I've been there so I'm looking forward! It's an exchange with second hand clothes and very cheap. Big part of my clothes are from that exchange. I'm gonna search new clothes, but I'm also the personal stylist of my sister so I'm gonna help her. 

But I was so happy with my outfit that I had to take picture's (: 
The skirt I wear is new and I'm proud of it. 
Oh and I wear kneesocks with fake fur, you can't see it that well at the pictures I'm sorry for that.
And I see you thinking Floor where the hell are your extensions? Well It's very windy today and I have to use them tomorrow for a casting so I had to take care of them you know (: Tomorrow I will tell more about the casting!
Anyways here are the picture's

Watcha think?