Friday, January 13, 2012


As I told you in my last post, we had a casting at school today. We could win tickets for 'modefabriek' and there will be some people who will join the catwalk at a motorexchange in Groningen. We had to come in a dress and pumps. We had a fotoshoot (I hope we'll get the picture's soon) walked down the catwalk and had to dance the salsa. Dancing the salsa was pretty funny, because we had to do that on our pumps while a big part of the school was watching us haha xD But ok there where 3 persons who could win the tickets and if they found my moodboard I probably became third. (They said that after the happening) I came completly broken home, I was sooo pretty tired while I also had to train with my crew. Although I'm pretty tired, it was a amazing day (:

Here a picture of my outfit, don't look at the way my extensions are, because I was home for 5 minutes when I took that picture sooo yeah..

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