Saturday, April 6, 2013

Launchparty Hippe-Schoenen

With Sharon (left) and my sister (right)
Hi lovely peeps! <3
I was invited for the launchparty of the webshop a while ago. I went to the launceparty last Monday in Amsterdam together with my sister. Hippe-Schoenen sells shoes imported from America in neoncolors and special designs. Sharon, the owner, told me that she wanted to be different than the most webshops and I have to say her webshop really makes the difference! I really like the shoes and I'm going to order some soon.

My sister with genius boots
Here am I wearing the studded pumps of the webshop

Priscilla from the webshop was there as well to promote her stuff. Her website will be online soon! She sells clothes, bags and jewelry. I saw some really awesome stuff, so maybe I'll order there as well! 

It was awesome to be there and I can't wait to order stuff at their webshops! I actually would meet Larissa and Tara  from KittehsCupcakes as well, but I was really early and they came much later so I haven't seen them. Maybe next time?

Would you order something at these webshops?

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Lots of love 
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