Thursday, March 14, 2013

NOTD + Personal update

Hi lovely peeps! <3
The last few days I was so tired that it was better to stay home today. I have spent the whole morning in bed with sleeping. This afternoon I ate lunch, took a shower and organized some important paperstuff. Guess what? I'm freaking tired again *sigh* Yesterday I went to therapy again and I'll get my medicines soon. I talked about the fact that I'm overtired after a few days over and over again, but they said it was normal because it's hard for my brain to process information. When I have my medicines it will probably go better. I hope so!

Yesterday I've introduced that I'm going to record a Q&A this weekend, but only got one question, come on ask me your questions please!

I fixed my nails last week, because of the party, but almost forgot to show it haha!
Black nailpolish: Hema 12
Topcoat: Miss Helen (Hema) 602

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless


  1. Wat vervelend om te horen dat je zo moe bent! :( Wel fijn dat je binnenkort je medicijnen krijgt, hopen dat het dan beter gaat! :) Mooie nagellak combinatie trouwens :)

    Een vraag voor jou, eeuhm.. Waarom ben je ooit begonnen met bloggen en over welk onderwerp dacht je toen vooral te gaan schrijven? :)


    1. stiekem zijn het trouwens gewoon twee vragen haha :P

  2. Mooie nagels! :)
    mijn vragen zijnnnn:
    - Wat is je lievelingsdier, heheh? ^_^
    - Wat voor haarverf gebruik jij om je haar altijd zo gaaf te verven?
    Liefs Luna.