Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hi lovely peeps! <3
I didn't have to go to school for that long today, I started at 12:15 and only had 3 lessons. GOOD LIFE <3
But yeah FINALLY after a few months I have an outfitpost for you! I'm so sorry that I didn't show any outfit the last months, but I didn't feel like it until someone gave me the request to do it. So here it is!

Skulls Bandana: New Yorker
Black Veil Brides Bandana: ? (I got it from Olivier)
Black Veil Brides Top: Large.nl
Vest: Esprit
Arm accesories: ? (got them from Giedo yesterday)
Velvet leggings: Action
Shoes: a small shoe store in Utrecht, I don't remember the name haha!

I hope you like this outfit. I'm sorry for the moody emotion in the picture, but it shows how I feel  the last days since the break up. Anyways, leave a comment down below what you think of the outfit! <3 

Lot's of love,
Floor Flawless

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