Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meet us at Bloggers Meeting Groningen!

This Saturday I'm going to the bloggersmeeting in Groningen. This was organized with some other bloggers. Romy and Jessy will be there for example. We are with a small group of 7 bloggers (I guess) and it would be great if you'll be there as well! So if you're a blogger and want to meet other bloggers, please come!

So it will be on 9 February in Groingen. We're going to wait for each other at Starbucks, which is placed on the station of Groningen. After that it's time for shopping in the center!! :D 

Let us know if you are gonna be there!

Source picture: Google


  1. Oh wat gaaf! Als ik kon was ik gegaan; lijkt me heel gezellig. :) Liefs

  2. leuk hoor! Groningen is wat ver voor mij, maar jullie wel heel veel plezier! xx