Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blogs in the spotlight #5

Hi lovely peeps! <3
When you read this I'm at the Bloggers High Tea. I'll write something about that as soon as possible. It's time to put some blogs in the spotlight again. 

This is Anouschka, a 23 years old girl from the Netherlands.
She writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.
Fact; she's a girl from the same scene, although she doesn't have the heavy style anymore because of her job
This is Serena and most of you should know her!
She is the most popular blog of The Netherlands
You can find a lot of tips on her blog.
She writes about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

This is Ilja, a 25 years old girl from The Netherlands.
She mostly writes about beauty, but fashion and lifestyle as well

I hope you like them! 

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

Source Pictures: The blogs I named


  1. Wat super leuk dat je mijn blog in de spotlight zet! Super lief! Ik ben benieuwd hoe je high tea was. Schrijf je er een blogpost over?? Xxx anousch

    1. Hihi geen probleem, jij bent ook lief! <3 Ja er komt nog een blogpost aan over de high tea! :D

  2. Kende alleen de eerste blog nog niet!

  3. Leuk! Ik ga zeker even een kijkje nemen :D

  4. Anouschka heeft een leuke blog! Ik heb het verder niet zo met de hele bekende blogs. :-) De high tea was leuk!