Friday, January 4, 2013

Blog's in the spotlight #3

I follow a bunch of blogs and I'll like to share them, that's why I sometimes bring them in the spotlight and talk about them. So here are 3 awesome blogs I follow


This is Emilie, a young girl from Norway.
She writes about her daily life.
 I follow her for a long time now and talked with her in personal and it's a sweet lovely person! <3 

Another day, Another Sunrise
This is Rachel, a 19 years old girl from The Netherlands
She has a photographyblog, she shares her own pictures as photographer

This is Lisanne, a 17years old girl from The Netherlands.
She has a beautyblog, but also talk about other things like music and movies.
I'm one of her daily visitors who follows her very long! :) 

Do you follow them?

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless

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