Monday, January 14, 2013

Awesome stuff is comming up

Hi lovely peeps!
2013 has started 2 weeks ago but I know that a lot of awesome stuff are gonna happen in the upcoming weeks! I think this gonna be a full planned but awesome year. Such a year I didn't have for a long time. I was fighting with depression, anorexia and bullying and al that stuff, but that's the past! I'm happy now! Let's see what's coming up

January 18 Marriage of my Uncle (I don't know what to wear yet!)
January 22 Concert Asking Alexandria, the youtuber StrapsChronicles is going with me yay! <3
January 25 Merijn is coming over hopefully, actually he would come this weekend, but it's not gonna happen, because of bad weather... :(
February 2 Streetdance Competition (We don't think we will get prices this year)
February 9 Bloggersmeeting Groningen (Who's gonna join?)
February 16 High Tea Bloggersmeeting at Jessy's house :D

Sooo facking awesome! And besides that I'm gonna try to get a job at the local newspaper! Would be awesome to do that, because I love writing <3 I think this is gonna be my year woohooo! :D And I actually wanna thank all the peeps who were there for me these past few years, because you guys made me strong again, and showed me that little things can be valuable!

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless


  1. Leuke dingen in het voorruitzicht :)! Super knap dat je zo sterk bent. Ga zo door, jij komt er wel :) maak er jou jaar van en geniet :)

  2. JAAWWW JE KOMT NAAR JESSY! Yeah I'm going to see you =D

  3. Leuke dingen in het vooruitzicht dus ;)

  4. 26 januari mijn bday chilling @apeldoorn