Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What is going on at the moment?

Hi lovely people!
I thought it would be good to make an update today, since I have a busy life nowadays.

First of all: School. I've got my first schoolreport and the marks are great. Allthough I have to redo some things, which I'm almost done with! This period the project we have is awesome; we have to make a magazine about subcultures, so it's easy for me haha!

Blog: As you could see I made some video's for Fixet Opende, and they are still inviting me for their events. So awesome! It's the first company who asked me to work together. Ofcouse do I hope to get more company's to work with!

Afterinch: We are working hard on Afterinch, to get the first magazine released in 2013! We are almost done with writing, so then it's up to the graphic designer. We also have new sitemodels which will be published soon! And I'm making a design for our website, so the person who will make our website can start. Like Afterinch on facebook >>click here<<

YO! Media: I will be back as presenter at YO! Media, but this time on their youtubechannel as a vlogger! Ofcourse will I let you guys know when my first video is online on their channel!

How is your life at the moment?

Lots of love,

Floor Flawless


  1. Allemaal leuke nieuwtjes! Mijn leventje is redelijk rustig op het moment. Vooral werken en proberen m'n cursus Nederlands deze maand af te hebben.

  2. Leuke blog heb je!
    Lijkt het je leuk elkaar te volgen? Laat het ons weten :)


  3. Leuke dingen dus! :-) super fijn!

  4. Het klinkt allemaal heel positief!