Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Gosh Trio Eyeshadows

As I told you I would review the Gosh Pallettes I got. Today it's time to look better to them.

These are the really pretty pallettes. TR20 Tropic Fever and TR23 Pink Sunset. The package is high-end looking. Another pre is that there was some plastics around the package so you can be sure it isn't used yet. Good job Gosh! But how about the pigmentation? Let's see...

I didn't expect to much because of  the light colors, but wow! Really good pigmentation! And if you blend them together it just reminds me of a summer with Sun, Sea, Beach and Palmtrees! I really love this pallette!

I did expect that this pallette would have the same pigmentation. But this is more pigmented! I think I didn't have such great pigmentation in my stash before so I'm really really happy! I'm just speechless! Funny fact is that I saw a Pink Sunset this morning and that's beautiful, so that will be inspire me for a look sometime I guess.

I really recommend these palletes to you guys
They are €9,49 each 


  1. Wow, both of them look amazing! I've tried eyeshadow from this brand before, but the pigmentation was never this amazing. Maybe it's time to give it another chance :)