Friday, October 12, 2012

Personal update

Hi peeps,
I'm so sorry for no posts the last 2 days, but I have a really good reason for that. My dad is in the hospital since last Wednesday. We don't know for how long he has to stay there, but thank God we were on time, if not, he probable didn't survive.. I hope he'll become stronger soon. It's so hard to go on with normal things, if such emotional things happens.

Yesterday I went to Merijn, to have my thoughts on something else. It worked and I hope to stay at his house next weekend. But the most important thing is that dad will be allright. We can't miss him allready... :c I still want to record a song for him, but I don't know how anymore.... :c Thanks to Merijn to be there for me and making me smile everytime you play guitar for me,, I love you! <3


  1. Fijn weer een personal update en erg leuke foto X

  2. Heel veel sterkte met je papa, ik weet hoe het is als één van je ouders plots erg ziek wordt. Fijn dat je het leuk gehad hebt bij Merijn. Het is belangrijk dat je je gedachten kan verzetten. Liefs, xoxo