Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of school + Outfit!

Yesterday was my first day of school after a long summer holidays. I met my new classmates and they are amazing! Seriously this is the best class ever!! Yesterday was a day with a lot of information. Today was an active day with sports and stuff. I'm so happy that in my class everyone accept and respect each other. If you are my follower for months now,  than you know that I did Styling Design last year but I switched to Journalism & Photography. It will be busy, but I try to blog and making video's as much I can. I hope you'll understand it when I'm posting less than usual.

And ofcourse I have a picture of my outfit from my first day of school, because I know you guys like to see it what people are wearing at their first day. :)

T-shirt: Wonder Woman
Shorts: Secondhand
Tights: Action
Shoes: ?
Jewelery: Many different shops which I don't know


  1. Heel erg leuk! Il volg je trouwens terug :-) ik vind het leuk om je stijl te zien ;)

  2. Ik ben blij om te horen dat je klas zo leuk is en dat je het naar je zin hebt! :D en leuke outfit! ( je weet dat het mijn stijl niet is, maar ik vind deze outfit echt heel erg leuk bij jou staan! )


  3. Leuke outfit! Ik heb je genomineerd :)