Saturday, June 16, 2012

In te love-mood

I'm so sorry for no blogging yesterday, but I went to the hospital AND my boy was here.
And ofcourse did we make pictures! Haha aaww I know how it all started, like we know each other from the concert last weekend and it all started with a hug while we're waiting. The day of the concert was the day of my life, like it was amazing to see Black Veil Brides live but Davey made that day complete!

Yesterday he said that I'm perfect and he doesn't want another girl, just me. It was hard to say goodbye when he had to go and we can't wait for the next time! Well this evening he has to perform on stage with his band for like 5000 peeps at the concert of Van Velzen & Miss Montreal, so Davey and others: GOOD LUCK!

Oh and last week I told you guys about an upcoming video about the concert, but I'm not going to upload it anymore because it takes hours or like days to upload it. Youtube is stupid sometimes :( mweehhh

Today I was cleaning my room and wow it's smells much better now and I found a lot of stuff back haha! But you guys know that I've a seccond room but I'm going to clean that one later. Now I'm freaking tired, so it's time to relax!