Monday, April 2, 2012

Afterinch Magazine & Sitemodeling

With some friends I started a new project called Afterinch. We are gonna make a magazine 6 times per year. It's gonna be an alternative magazine. Warning: It's in Dutch! Besides that you get a chance as a sitemodel. Pictures of you will be put in a video and uploaded on youtube. 

We hope to sell the first magazine in May. If you want to subscribe to our magazine, than you have to write an email to: For an half year subscribing you have to pay €10. 
You can also email your pictures if you want to be one of our models.

Our official site is gonna be online soon as possible, but you can already find us here:


  1. leuk dat jullie dat gaan doen! maar naja ik hou niet zo van alternatieve dingen dus heb er niks aan :$.


  2. Lijkt me leuk, hoe kun je je aanmelden voor sitemodel?