Friday, March 16, 2012

Questiontime #2

Wohoo I've got some new questions I'm gonna answer!

What did you get on your birthday?
This is asked so many times,
But I'm gonna make a video about my presents upcoming sunday.
So than can you see what I've got!

Ever thought about a Floor-Pokémon?
Haha, interesting question! But actually; no.
Can anyone draw me as a pokémon and send it to me?
Would be awesome :D

How would your perfect day look like?
Well, when I wake up my boyfriend brings me breakfast at bed.
After that I would getting ready for shopping! (Lucky me, my boyfriend loves shopping <3)
Dinner in a restaurant and a concert of one of my favourite bands including a meet&greet
And after all that sleeping in a hotel :D
OMG that would be soooo amazing <3 (especially the meet & greet)

What do you ever want to learn yourself? 
Playing guitar! 
I have a accoustic one, but I can't play guitar at all, so that's what I want to learn :)

Leave your questions and requests for next week!

1 comment:

  1. Leuke vragen en antwoorden! Dat floor-pokemon ding is wel grappig xD.
    En ik wil ook leren gitaar spelen! Het lukt me nu een beetje, maar het is idd zoooo moeilijk te leren, de piano ging me beter af :(