Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures Bday meeting (party) #1

Well I'm gonna show you part 1 now. These Pictures are from Lotte, Robin and myself. The part that Jordy made will I get soon! 

Lotte made this while we were on our way to Apeldoorn.
She posted this one on twitter haha :p

Miauw :)
Floor & me (there were many double names *woops*)
Anne & me 
Merel, me, Olivier, Dagmar & Manon
Merel, me, Jordy, Olivier, Dagmar, Manon & Anne
Olivier & me 
Olivier & me 
Reyvi (my boyfriend)
Reyvi again :)
Rick & me
Olivier with my partyhead xD
Patricia, Rick, Olivier & me
Almost the whole group. Ashame that not everyone is on this picture