Saturday, March 3, 2012

Best Friends

Friendship is one of the most important things. I have a few friends I know for a long time now. Two of them don't want to be named at my blog with a picture, so I don't gonna post a picture of them. Anyways they saw me changing through the years and the friendship is still there. The third one have you seen at my blog before and also in video's: Hylke. But I also have friends I know for a while but are also important to me. Renate and Olivier! They made me more confident and know exactly how I am. Renate and I talk daily since we met each other so we've seen each others changes and we also have a lot of fun! Olivier can see it in my eyes when there is something wrong. No matter what it is I can always talk with him. And last but not least, Anouk. We both talk Norwegian and have the love for Norwegian childartists. It's so nice I met her! Ofcourse have I made more friends because of meetings and all that stuff, but here some pictures of the persons who are important to me and I know for a long time! (without the 2 girls who don't wanna be in the post with pictures)

Hylke and I <3 (old)

Renate <3

Olivier <3
Olivier and I <3 (old)

Anouk <3


  1. Moeten nodig nieuwe foto maken, zeker XD

  2. Leuk egte vrienden zijn ook het belangrijkste wat er is. Voor iedereen^^

  3. Je heb gelijk dat je vrienden nodig hebt. :)

    Ik ga je volgen. :D


  4. Ahw echt een hele leuke, lieve post! <3.
    Jij bent ook één van mijn beste vriendinnetjes! (L)