Friday, February 10, 2012

My new hair!

Yaay I've dyed my hair  again! 

Soo I'm ready for tomorrow hihi!
The Mega Meeting Utrecht <3
If you see me just come over for a conversation ok? <3

With being cute you can reach a lot
Floor Flawless 


  1. Wauw, wat gedurfd! Maar je kunt het zeker hebben ;)!

  2. Wow, wat gaaf! Jij durft echt coole haarkleuren te nemen (:

  3. Ah, dat je dat durft, maar het staat je wel.

    Goed om te horen dat het met je buren goed gaat, jammer van de schade.


  4. i admire your bravery to do this. i've always wanted to do this when i was younger, and regret not doing it. i absolutely love it! you look amazing! your blog is absolutely fun, and love all the rock chick design. :) i am now following you via google. hoping we can stay connected, and it's wonderful to get inspirations from other bloggers. :) i'd be honored if you decided to follow me back. :) cheers and all the best on your blog!