Thursday, February 2, 2012

Made empty/thrown away in January

 Made empty: 
Basic nail polish remover
I don't even know where I got this, but it did what it had to do (:

Yves Rocher Eye pencil  
This one is too small to use it any longer, but it was a really nice pencil!!

Thrown away:
Essence Nail polish removerpen. 
It doesn't work for me, it hurts when I use it so I'm gonna throw this away

Casuelle Nail Polishes
These are for kids, but I found them in my stash and don't use them longer 


  1. haha hele andere dingen dan mij maar wel erg leuk

  2. Hahahah, I was going to buy the Essence nail polish remover pen, but you changed my mind. :p