Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me, myself and my boyfriend

To be one of the youngest of the family can be nice, but in my family they acting like that I'm the youngest while I ain't. Okey well I'm the smallest but a cousin is younger than me (: Today my family came over to celebrate my mom's bday and I came downstairs with pikachu, I take him everywhere since I bought him yesterday. Cute isn't it? Like I don't wanna act like a adult already. I turn 18 in about 2 months but so what? I guess I'll stay cute a little longer hihi. 

Oh and I have a new boyfriend, some people already noticed. Don't wanna talk about the mess with my ex,  but ok you could see my new boy in the video about the meeting ;)<33

But here some more information about him:
He turned 15 on december 25th. Some people ask my 'why do you pick such a young person?' and I thought: 'Why should I care about the age?' Love isn't about age ok?
He is a vain person he have to see in every mirror he pass (ok I have that fact also)
His parents are divorced and when he is with his father it is easier for us to meet (: 
And yes he is also alternative ^^ 

Picture of us together will follow because it's a part of the pictures from the meeting ;) 


  1. Wat leuk voor je!! xx

  2. leuk dat je weer een nieuw vriendje hebt hihi! (:

  3. leuk voor je met je vriendje lol :P

  4. Ik ben echt blij voor je dat je weer een vriendje hebt <3.