Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Every Wednesday I give answers on your questions which I get at the comments, hyves, msn or email.

Anne: Which level did you do on secondary school?I did vmbo-tl. I'm waiting for the results of my exams.

Evelien: Gosh nailpolish for €3,50? Normally are they €6,99 did you get deduction?
Yes I got it from a salebox at Kruidvat :)

Anouk: What will you do during your summer holidays?
I will go on holiday and maybe recording songs with you at the studio. And be with my boyfriend ofcourse!!

Jeroen: How did you get the idea to make a blog?
I saw links of blogs in the magazine Girlz! and I was curious what a blog was, so i started to look at some blogs and was excited to make one by myself. This one is my brand new blog, like I had another one for over a year :)

Put your questions in the comments below and maybe I will answer them next week!

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