Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Youtubers

Youtube is a site which everyone knows. I upload my own video's on it, but I also watch a lot of video's from other people. In Amazing Youtubers will I talk about an active youtuber I like.

I thought it would be great to do this, because I did this on my old blog too!
So the first one is Kealy from the channel missmakeupable. She is a Canadian girl who talks about beauty. I don't know why I like her haha! Every time I can't wait untill she's uploading a new video! I'm gonna show you some video's she made.

The first one is the one she uploaded 5 days ago. It's the brand new video on her channel. Here is she talking about her tattoo which she got not long ago.

The second video is from the tag: perfect imperfections. She posted it 4 months ago :)

And the last one is a requested tutorial make-up tutorial which is posted 7 months ago.

Are you subscribed on her channel or will you do that??
What do you think of this new category?

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