Monday, May 30, 2011

Changed the language && Blog of the week

I just decided to change the language from Dutch to English, because I saw that there are many people from foreign country's who visit my blog. So yeah, I'm just gonna see how it goes with writing in English. If it doesn't work well for me than I'll change back to Dutch.

But now something else. I follow lots of blogs so I decided to make a blog of the week item. Every week I will talk about a blog which I follow and maybe you get inspired to follow that person! (You'll never know)

So the first one is a 15 years old girl from Norway.  She talks about her daily life but also about beauty and fashion. She writes in Norwegian, but in a simple way. I know her blog because she had a entry at my blogtop10 on my Norwegian blog. And she was the winner :) It's just the way she writes and how her personality is that I like her blog. She just has her blog for a few months but many people like it. Maybe you too? Press here to open her blog.

Let me know what you think about her blog and if you're gonna follow her <3

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