Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Friends are important

It's starts when you are really really young; Making friends. When you're getting older, you realize how important they can be for you. When I was in the last grades of primary school and the first grades of secondary school, I've got bullied a lot. I was different, weak and insecure. I lost almost all of my friends. I had some friends in my examyear, but when I broke up with one of the guys, the whole group left me. But last year I met Olivier.

And I'm so happy I did. He told me that I was worth it and made me trust people again. I started to feel better. He changed me in a good way, and he is always there for me, no matter what. He became my best friend, and I'll never let him down.

Olivier: I see this girl as a funny, impulsive and cute girl. In the time we've gotten to know each other, I've seen her change. She went from shy and insecure to adventurous and inspiring for others. She also changed a lot about her looks. She went from a regular girl to a wilder emo-scene type of  girl. She thanked me for it, because I have had this style for a while and she saw herself being part of it. But I think she did it all by herself. She made the choice to change, not only her looks and style, but also the way of life. I think whenever you get the change to get her into your life, you should take that opportunity. She will be faithful and trustful, and once you get to know her real good, you can always count on her.    

Real friends are difficult to find, but they are really worth it to have. And ofcourse, we make mistakes, cause nobody is perfect. We forgive each other and give each other a new change. I'm sure this friendship wil last forever, while I'm insecure about the other friendships I have. Olivier is special!

Do you have one special best friend?

Lots of love,
Floor Flawless


  1. Ahww dit is zoo lief!
    Ik zie Olivier ook als beste vriend hihi <3

    X Danii

  2. Wat lief :)
    Ik heb zelf een paar hele lieve mensen die ik tot mijn vriendengroepje mag rekenen. Ben erg dankbaar dat ik hun heb.