Monday, October 15, 2012

In the mail: Give away price

Last week I received an email with that I was the winner of the Give Away at Dresses and Daisies! I was really excited to get the price in the mail. Last Saturday I finally found it in the mail, so it's time to show it.

It were 2 trio's from Gosh and she included a sample of the Tea Tree Oil. I'm very happy with this, because I didn't own a yellow and red color before.  I can't wait to try this stuff. I'll probable make a review on those eyeshadow pallettes this week. 

Thank you so much Laurence!
Please visit her blog, because she's a great girl! <3 Click >>here<< to go to her blog <3


  1. Veel plezier ermee! ^-^
    Ben altijd opgelucht als iets goed aankomt! :)

  2. Super leuk! Ik ben benieuwd naar je reviews :) gefeliciteerd met de prijs xxx

  3. Altijd leuk zo'n verrassing in de post :)

  4. Wat een gave prijs zeg! De trio's vna Gosh zijn heel fijn, ik heb er zelf ook 1. Gave kleuren!