Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tag: My favorites

Hi lovely readers! I've been tagged by Renate again with the my favorites tag and I couldn't wait to do it so I will fill it in straight away. Woohooo :D

My Favorite Show

I really love NCIS but also NCIS Los Angeles and other crime series like Cold Case and Criminal Minds.

My Favorite Artist

Ok it's not an artist but a band and you guys probable know that I LOVE Black Veil Brides haha <3

My Favorite Food

Noodles!! :D

My Favorite Drink

Monster energy but also some other energy's

My Favorite Actress

Carice van Houten

My Favorite Actor

Jordan Rodriques

My Favorite Color
Neon Pink

My favorite Clothing Brand

Cupcake Cult

My Favorite Make-up Brand
Sleek but I still don't have any sleek palette... :c

My Favorite City

London! I miss that city so much!! I've been there 2 years ago.

I tag everyone who wanna do this tag because I don't know who to tag... :)


  1. Leuk ingevuld! En mijn favoriete nederlandse actrice is ook carice van houten! =D


  2. Superleuke tag! Leuk om te zien x