Thursday, September 20, 2012

BlackRose: Short update on myself

Hey, what’s up guys?

So.. School has started… Horrible…
Sure, it’s still calm, but the stress for the exams in a few months is really high. I’m learning every evening for around 2 hours to prepare.
Sure, I still have time for fun stuff, but for how long is still the question for me… I don’t want to spend literally all my time to school of course, but I’m starting to worry I may have to soon.

Anyway, furthermore, my life is pretty much a mess, loads of stuff going on, but I would rather not talk about that to anyone because people talk enough shit about me already.

Sorry I wrapped this up so quick, but it’s just really going crappy right now, so the blog and Vlog are the last thing on my mind right now…

I hope to see you guys next week.


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