Sunday, August 19, 2012

On the balcony in summer air (OUTFIT)

Waauw it's hot in the Netherlands (yeah that's little unique)
And it was the first time since weeks that I decided to wear something else than black! Woohoo :)
I'll show you pictures of my outfit but first some more blabla :D

You probable know that I was at my sister's place the last days and I had a good time there!!
Yesterday I went to my bby boy BlackRose and we had a lot of fun while trying to record the cover for my dad and making pics what failed :') I just love it really much to spend my time with him because the little beautiful things can make us happy! BlackRose I LOVE YOU!!!

But ok ok here is the outfit :) oh and no make-up because if I put it on I sweat it off with this weather haha!
What I like of the shorts btw is that there are little ice creams on it!!

Top: secondhand
Shorts: got it from my cousin


  1. Omg beautiful <333
    It was a great day yesterday bby<33
    Too bad your voice kept failing :s
    Miss you <3

  2. Leuke outfit!! Het is inderdaad zo lekkerrr warm. x

  3. Mooi! Het is idd warm, veel te warm vind ik.