Sunday, August 12, 2012

Meeting Arnhem + Update of my dad

Hi there! Sorry for no post yesterday but I was in Arnhem for the whole day.
It was funny how much people I knew there haha! It was so nice to see everyone again en to meet new people <3 BUT one of the most special things was that I met our Afterinch sitemodel Lucas Infinity! :D
A short video will be up tomorrow, but I found out that someone took a picture of a small group I was walking with. Thank you Susan!

Anyways my daddy is fighting hard for his life at the moment. He can't eat normal things anymore, only soup and disgusting special drink. I was in panic this afternoon so I went to BlackRose and it was really helpful allthough it was for just 2 hours. We're busy to get my cover done. A cover which I want to record for my dad. It's because I can't to anything but support him. My mom said it was a great idea to make a cover for him because he's addicted to music (now you know where I have it from, but I have a better taste though haha XD) I will spend some days at my sister's home this week and hope the situation here will change. 

I hope you have a great evening and I love you peeps so fcking much <3   


  1. Heel veel sterkte met je vader, dit moet vast niet makkelijk voor je zijn. We kennen elkaar niet persoonlijk, maar als je je verhaal kwijt wilt aan iemand mag je mij altijd contacteren. Stay strong, <3

  2. Hoop dat t snel beter gaat met je vader meiske ;)

  3. I'm always there when you need me bbygirl ;)

  4. Ik vind het echt heel erg voor jullie, echt super veel sterkte! Hopelijk gaat het snel weer beter! Liefs, Luna