Friday, June 3, 2011

EO Jongerendag 2011

Tomorrow is the EO Jongerendag 2011 in 'Het Gelredome' in Arnhem. Actually would I go to this festival, but I didn't get permission. Today I had to go to my work and I became so dizzy while I was cycling that I had to go home. A man who saw me sitting on the ground brought me back home. In the afternoon I visited the doctor and tuesday I have to do a blood test, Because my blood pressure is too low and my oxygen grade is higher than average. It's ashame that I can't go to the EO Jongerendag tomorrow. I hope my boyfriend can come for some hours, because my parents aren't home tomorrow...

Do you go to the EO Jongerendag?


  1. Nee ik ga er niet naar toe haha.
    En wat fijn dat je dat nu toch hebt gedaan met: naam/url. is wel fijn! Ik ben benieuwd of je meedoet met mijn winactie, hoop het wel!

  2. EO Jongerendag is vet gaaf geloof jij ergens in?