Thursday, September 13, 2012

I wanna thank you!

Mehh I'm sick today! :c I was laying in my bed for almost the whole day. I started thinking and realized that I reached a lot this year. I met a lot of people, got a lot of new followers and I'm happy with my study. I'm very busy and it takes a lot of energy, but you guys support me so much and that's so sweet! <3 I read every single comment, they make me smile and sometimes just speechless! A lot of you talk to me on twitter and facebook, when I feel sad you make me happy again with your comments and stuff. It makes it fun to blog daily. I'm sure I will do this so long as possible because I love to entertain you guys with my posts. Thank you so much! <3



  1. Ah, lief artikel! Fijn weekend Floooor! :)

  2. Mooi dat je zoveel bereikt hebt dit jaar <3! En je moet absoluut doorgaan met bloggen zolang het kan! En beterschap <3

    ps; ik heb je genomineerd voor de liebster award op mijn blog!